Welcome to Another Helsinki Blog!

Helsinki in winter

Welcome to the blog! It’s dedicated to the things we like in and about Helsinki. Everything here is completely subjective and biased: if we (the writers) like it or think it particularly pleasant, we will write about it. If we don’t like something or think it’s merely OK, we will probably not write about it. If we find something that is too strange not to mention here, we might find something to say. It’s a fairly simple concept: write about the things that make life better for people who live in or around Helsinki.

The blog is divided into four categories: food + drink, art, health and style. All the categories are understood in broad terms. Food + drink is self-explanatory. Art includes a wide variety of arts and entertainment from exhibitions to movie theaters. Health refers to various health-related activities in town from gyms to flotation tanks. Style … I’m not completely sure yet what goes under “style”, but I’m sure we will think of something.

The aim is to have at least two updates per week for the next year. The blog also has an Instagram account which will hopefully be updated more often: https://www.instagram.com/anotherhelsinkiblog/

That’s about it.


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