Look out! It’s Minibar’s tiger!

Minibars typically bring to mind feelings of shame and regret. They seem like a good idea when you finally return to your hotel room exhausted and desperate for a nightcap, but when the awful truth is revealed the next morning at checkout, that final late night drink does not seem to warrant the exorbitant cost.

Helsinki’s Minibar at Eerikinkatu is different. Your night may end in regret for any number of reasons, but at least the drinks will be tasty: get a Gin and Tonic, Old Fashioned, Negroni or ask what the bartender has been experimenting with lately. They will be happy to tell you, but don’t expect a lecture.

It’s a tiny bar (hence the name) with only a few tables and chairs. It is not the type of bar where people park themselves for hours to pound down beers. If you have a few minutes to spare, you can stop by for an expertly made drink. Simple, quick and efficient. In a city with its share of noisy and gimmicky bars, Minibar is pleasantly uncomplicated and easy.

And they have a sweet tiger sign out front.

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